Transportation Birthday Party

It was baby’s 2nd birthday last month and since he loves all things trucks and buses I went a little bit over the top.

A bus made out of a giant cardboard box.  I added two coats of paint, printed out the logos and used painters tape and duct tape for the stripes.IMG_0167 Garbage Truck, made with two cardboard boxes, two coats of paint1014350_10201535063202911_1748467672_nFruit Train inspired by: cake inspired by: Making the cake is so nerve racking.  Last year I made an Elmo Cake.  Both cakes turned out great, but making a cake in the summer makes me sweat along with my icing

972003_10201535047722524_786615867_nApple and grape cars inspired by: the cheese, I was inspired by my friend, who’s daughter’s 2nd birthday was two weeks before, she used a cookie cutter for the #2.  I bought a huge box of cookie cutters and also used them for decoration as well, as you can see on the table.



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