Jared Baby Food

I did something I didn’t think I would.  I gave Rowan jar food.  I was desperate, he was hungry and wouldn’t sleep until he had lunch.  It was in the cabinet, a gift from family and organic.  I figure, the kid is almost ten months and he eats everything, trying it won’t keep him from eating the good stuff.  The ingredients weren’t so bad, mostly natural.

It’s becoming really easy to feed him teething biscuits, puffs and teething crackers.  I did so well when he first started eating solids.  I pureed everything!  Now that I can’t turn to frozen baby food, if I’m not prepared and the kitchen is not stocked, it’s so easy to turn to whatever is most accessible.

Helpful Hints:

  • Buy mini tupperware containers
  • When cutting up fruit/cooking veggies/grains, etc. make more than baby will eat and put in containers for meals for the next two days
  • Excellent things to keep in fridge: rice, quinoa, pasta, couscous, chopped tortilla, torn up pieces of bread
  • When going out  on errands bring a little container of cheerios, puffs or Baby Mum Mums (these aren’t messy)
  • When in doubt a banana and a baby spoon travel well, you can just scoop the banana right out of the peal

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